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Nine advantages to join Mingdu

Comprehensive policy support, Relieve your potential worries.

Mingdu has comprehensive guarantee to serve agent.

Leading technology, professional service

    Mingdu applies energy-saving and environment-protection, technology innovation as a leading to develop and innovate the technical application area of commercial lighting and residential lighting. It has professional R&D and marketing sales term to provide the complete solution, professional technical support and perfect pre-sale & after-sale services.


Integrated marketing, Pluralistic development

Mingdu products fully embodythe perfect combination advanced technology of energy-saving, environment-protection. It has an application in many kinds of industries lighting like residential, shopping-mall, hotel, supermarket, stores, office, Brand clothing etc.


Media support, expanding consumption

      Adopt high-powerful advertisement promotion especially in TV, web portals, search engine etc. Irregularly scheme and make different kinds of marketing campaign to keep leading the consumption peak.


Standard Management, investment secured

    Brand support—share the usufruct and area protection power of “Mingdu” Brand 

    Technical support—share the free products’ technology update training service of “Mingdu”

Distribution support – Use advanced E-commercial platform to get the latest news of Mingdu at home, one stop distribution service with the speedy, convenience, high qualityand low price make you enjoy the plenty of new product source and huge sales profit. 

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